Johannes Jansson

composes with a strong sensibility



Déjà vu (2006)
baritone and guitar
text: Georg Backman
duration ca 18 min.
Com. Swedish Radio

The Silver Call (1979)
baritone and piano
text: Sri Aurobindo (Last Poems)
duration ca 22 min.

Song of the passer by (2003)
mezzo soprano, viola and piano
text: Satprem (By the body of the earth)
duration ca 6 min.

Her miraculous feet (1981)
soprano, flute and viola
text: Sri Aurobindo
duration ca 5 min.

Samtal med natten (2005)
(Conversation with the night)
soprano and piano
text: Georg Backman
duration ca 12 min.

Vårens strängar (1979)
(Strings of the spring)
soprano and wind quintet
text: Olof Lagercrantz
duration ca 8 min.
Com. National Concerts